NL20 Midnight Blue

NL20 Midnight Blue

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C/06-04 Glossy Glazes

These glazes are a series of related, clean clear colors which fit our #103, #104, #105 and #417 clays as well as most other low fire bodies. They may be altered by adding 8% to 10% Superpax for an opaque look. Apply by dipping, pouring, spraying or brushing. All glazes are in dry form. To liquify the NL colors, mix approximately 1 pint of water with 1 pound of dry glaze. For the NLM colors, mix approximately 12 oz. water with 1 pound of glaze. Adjust according to application method used. Safe for functional ceramics.

Sold in 1 and 5 pound bags.

Product Number: 50020