How can I reach you?

Call us at 412.276.6333 or fax 412.276.7124 or email orders@standardclay.com 


Are your clays pre-mixed?

Standard wet clays are accurately formulated, completely mixed, pugged and de-aired.


How are your clays packaged?

WET clay bodies are packaged in plastic bags, two 25-lb. bags per carton.


Are your clays available in dry form?

All Standard clays are available in dry form. Dry packaged clays do not confirm to ASTM 4236. Refer to Health and Safety.


How do I mix dry glazes?

C/5-6 Dry Glaze Mixing Instructions & Specific Gravity


How do I soften clay?

Reconstituting Older Clay


How do I use cones?

Using Orton Pyrometric Cones


Where can I find safety information about your products?

Safety Data Sheets - Wet Clays

Safety Data Sheets - Casting Slip

Safety Data Sheets - Materials


Casting Slip Solutions.

Instructions for Low Fire White Slip


What glazes fit on 105 clay and low fire slip?

Glazes that fit on the 105 clay and Low Fire white Slip


Do you deliver?

We deliver throughout the tri-state area. Please call 412.276.6333 for availability and rates.


Do you offer classes?

No, but we occasionally offer special workshops, led by visiting artists.


What is ClayPlace@Standard?

It is our gallery. We offer several exhibitions throughout the year.