Majolica Glaze – Low Fire Cone 05-04 – Liquid Form

Apply the Majolica white base by dipping or pouring (one coat only). The white base may also be applied by brushing on three (3) even, flowing coats. Allow the piece to dry between coats when brushing. Once the base glaze is dry to the touch, the Majolica colors are then painted on the base with one (1) coat. The colors are generally applied by brushing. One color may be layered over another. All Majolica glazes can be thinned with water for translucency or thickened with Epsom salt to increase opacity. Fire to cone 05 or 04. Certified Nontoxic and approved for use by all ages.

Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of the glaze colors shown. Actual results may vary due to the clay body used, application technique and firing cycle.