Low Fire Glossy Glaze – Cone 06-04 – Liquid Form

These lead-free gloss glazes are designed for the artist in everyone. They provide an artist’s palette of true, bright colors for creating exciting and colorful ceramic art. These low-fire glazes are formulated non-toxic for safe use in studios and classrooms. All are dinnerware safe if properly applied and fired. The glazes should be applied to bisque by brushing on three even flowing coats. Allow the glaze to dry between coats. Glazes may overlap by allowing each to dry before the next is applied.  Fire to cone 06 or 04. Packaged in pints and gallons. Certified Nontoxic and approved for use by all ages.

Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of the glaze colors shown. Actual results may vary
due to the clay body used, application technique and firing cycle.